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Monsanto strikes back after Maui voters support GMO moratorium


Anti-GMO-supportersKAHULUI, Hawaii —The cheers went well into the night. A small army of Maui residents rose up against the big guys and forced a moratorium on genetically modified organisms or GMOs.

Now they have to dig in because this fight’s not over. One of the big guys is already battling back.

Monsanto released a statement Wednesday saying it plans to take steps to ask the court to declare that this initiative is legally flawed and cannot be enforced.

“This is just the start and it is no surprise that Monsanto would turn to legal means and do whatever it takes to suppress the will of the people,” said Mark Sheehan of the Shaka Movement.

Even Maui County Mayor Alan Arakawa has his concerns.

“Emotion is what drove the passage rather than looking at and saying this is what will be good for the community in the long run,” said Arakawa.

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