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Octogenarian and his wife of 60 years flip over their car in wealthy LA enclave and POSE up for photos



  • The couple’s blue Honda sedan with California plates flipped over on its side in Bel Air Friday
  • The wife trapped in driver’s seat asked husband for her cell phone so she could take a selfie  

After 60 years of marriage, nothing could rattle a pair of octogenarians – not even a car crash.

So when the couple emerged unscathed from the rollover in Bel Air, California, they did the only logical thing, grabbing their cell phones to pose for selifes with the wreckage.

The incident took place late Friday afternoon on Linda Flora Drive in the wealthy Los Angeles neighborhood made famous in the 90s by a sitcom starring Will Smith.

The married couple were driving their electric-blue Honda sedan with California license plates when the vehicle flipped over, landing on its left side on a tree-lined street.

No one was injured, but the female driver found herself trapped inside while her husband was able to climb out of the passenger’s seat.

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