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Once again, no indictments against former TEPCO execs over Fukushima disaster


tepco-disasterProsecutors again decided not to indict three former executives of Tokyo Electric Power Co. over the triple meltdown at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant, essentially saying that the disaster was unpreventable.

The Jan. 22 decision by the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office rejected the stance of an independent judicial panel of citizens that former TEPCO Chairman Tsunehisa Katsumata and two former vice presidents, Sakae Muto and Ichiro Takekuro, should be indicted on charges of professional negligence resulting in death and injury.

The citizens panel, called the Tokyo No. 5 Committee for the Inquest of Prosecution, plans to re-examine the case. If it again decides that charges are warranted, the three former TEPCO executives will be indicted mandatorily and stand trial.

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