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Oregon sheriff: Decision to shoot pet pony was a mistake


sheriff shoots pony“We made a mistake,” Roberts said in a statement. “Other actions could and should have been taken.”

At about 9 a.m. Thursday, Feb. 19, a deputy was called to an area along Highway 213 on a report that a horse may have been hit by a car. The deputy reported that he saw a “very old” horse that “couldn’t stand” even though it was trying to do so.

The deputy said he couldn’t determine where the horse came from and could not locate its owner.

In his report, the deputy said “it appeared (the horse) was nursing one front leg and a rear leg.”

The deputy said he called the humane society, a local veterinarian, and a supervisor to seek advice in determining what he should do. The deputy said after describing his observations to his supervisor, his supervisor agreed with him that the horse needed to be put down.

The deputy then killed the horse with his shotgun.

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