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“Overcast” Documentary Reveals the Truth About Contrails (Video)


“Overcast” Documentary Reveals the Truth About Contrails

The debate about whether or not chemtrails/geoengineering are in fact occurring, leaves out the possible consequences of contrails (the normal exhaust from aircraft that create a trail of water vapor, ice and soot) on the environment and weather. While the theory of covert chemical spraying operations takes center stage, are we overlooking a key element in this issue?

Perhaps the question shouldn’t be: Is the military secretly spraying toxic chemicals into the atmosphere? But rather, Are contrails from standard air traffic the true culprit that is responsible for damaging the environment and human health?

A concerned and curious filmmaker set out to find the answer.

Following the (Toxic) Trail

“Putting all speculations aside, I wanted a convincing answer.” ~ Matthias Hancke, director of “Overcast”

When Hancke started on a journey to uncover the truth about chemtrails, he didn’t realize it would take over six years of research — and 40 interviews in 10 countries — to find an answer. He had a unique approach as he didn’t have an opinion about chemtrails, one way or another, and kept personal bias out of the investigation entirely.

He was joined by producer Tristan Albrecht and interviewed a range of experts in the field, along with independent researchers — including: geoengineers, atmospheric chemists, contrail and cloud specialists, professors of aeronautics, meteorologists, aerosol experts, a chemtrail debunker, environmental activists, journalists, a medical doctor, an airline pilot, the assistant director of the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment and more.

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