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Overdue bill? Hype and fear cross the line – RNC trolls for money using envelope disguised as delinquent bill.


At 82, Janet Reiman is of the generation where you not only balance your own checkbook, but it’s a point of pride to have no debts and pay all your bills on time.

“I keep careful track of all my accounts,” Reiman, of Edmonds, says. “That’s what made this embarrassing.”

This past week, when the mail carrier came to Reiman’s Edmonds home, he was toting a letter block-stamped in huge red type: “NOTICE OF DELINQUENCY.” The return window said “Office of Records, Washington Area Assessment — ***Immediate Response Requested***.”

“My heart skipped a few beats,” Reiman says. “Did I forget to pay my property taxes? Then I thought: My mailman probably thinks I’m a deadbeat.”

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