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Police Militarization Shows ‘Real Disconnect’ With US Drug Policy – NGO



The Drug Policy Alliance Policy Manager Michael Collins claims that the US government’s continued militarization of the police forces runs counter to its rhetoric of winding down the War on Drugs.

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — The US government’s continued militarization of the police forces runs counter to its rhetoric of winding down the War on Drugs, the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) told Sputnik on Thursday.

“There is a real disconnect with the Obama administration’s rhetoric of ‘We are ending the War on Drugs’. Meanwhile they are literally putting equipment used for war on the streets of US cities to be used for counter-narcotics activities,” DPA Policy Manager Michael Collins told Sputnik.

Mother Jones reported this week that fully a quarter of US law enforcement requests for military-like armored vehicles, or MRAPs, obtained through a Pentagon program were justified for being used in the War on Drugs.

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