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Police: Millis, Massachusetts, Officer Fabricated Shooting Story


1-justice-police-liesA part-time police officer who claimed to have been shot at on Wednesday before getting into a fiery car accident with his cruiser completely fabricated the story, police in Massachusetts said.

The 27-year-old was scheduled to begin training as a full-time officer; however, he is now being fired, according to police.

Millis Police Sgt. William Dwyer said the only ballistics evidence recovered at the scene was shots fired by the officer into his own cruiser. Based on that and other evidence, it was determined that the officer lied about being shot at by a man in a pickup truck. Police said they are not sure if the officer set his own car on fire.

The officer’s name is not being released until formal charges are brought against him, which officials say they’re still determining. He is 27 years old and is a part-time officer after working as a dispatcher for the department.

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