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Police Officers Allow Fellow Cop To Drive Home Drunk


A Washington cop received a call about a drunk man sitting in his jeep in a movie parking lot, only to discover that he was a local deputy, so she offered him a ride home, which he refused. Poulsbo police officer Danielle Branes then left, telling theater employees to keep an eye on him in case he decided to drive.

Almost two hours later, Kitsap County Sheriff Sergeant Jim Porter drove home anyway, a five-mile drive, but then was unable to step out of his jeep.

Having already been alerted that Porter was drink and had driven home, another Poulsbo pulled up to his home and found the sergeant covered in vomit, slurring his words, reeking of alcohol and clinging to his keys.

However Poulsbo police officer Jennifer Corn wrote that there was “no probable cause” to arrest Porter, a man she admitted to knowing for 18 years.

The incident took place on October 16, but body cam footage of both Poulsbo police officers is just surfacing now ….. Porter was placed on administrative leave the following day and the evidence was reviewed by a city attorney, who declined to file charges.

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