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Report: Pompeo Froze Bolton Out Of Oval Office Meeting With North Korean Official


You don’t need any anonymous sources to convince you that this is plausible. What you already know about Pompeo and Bolton is enough. The North Korea negotiations are Pompeo’s baby; he’s so invested in the process that he’s already met face-to-face twice with Kim Jong Un in Pyongyang. As chief diplomat, he’s all-in on dialogue between the two countries. Bolton, meanwhile, is as vocal a skeptic of diplomacy with the North as it gets on the right. He was rolling his eyes on TV about the possibility of a peace deal before he became NSA, believing that North Korea has sunk far too much of its prestige into a nuclear equalizer with the United States to ever give up its weapons.

Bolton’s also the guy who infuriated the NorKs by talking about the “Libyan model” of denuclearization a few weeks ago on American television. That led to a series of belligerent statements from Pyongyang, which in turn led to Trump pulling out of the summit. Remember who encouraged him to do that, per NBC?

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