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Rush Limbaugh’s Show Is In Financial Ruins Thanks To Liberal Boycott


It’s being dubbed the “rare boycott that actually worked.” In today’s age of endless cycles of outrage and amnesia, Rush Limbaugh probably assumed that listeners would forget and forgive after, in a fit of characteristic rage, the conservative radio host called a Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke a “slut” on air (for the crime of using birth control, no less). Instead, it may have finally cost Limbaugh his job.

It’s been four years since Limbaugh lashed out at Fluke, but the damage is finally being felt. For one thing, his show – which is still a go-to source of batshit crazy – has been dropped by an ever growing list of advertisers and affiliates who, understandably, have no interest in being associated with Limbaugh’s sickening brand nor care about appealing to his vicious, toxic listener. Making matters worse, Limbaugh’s $38 million a year contract is expiring and as negotiations begin, suddenly the thought of paying a man tens of millions of dollars a year to call a college student a slut doesn’t seem like such a good investment.

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