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Scanning Mummies – What Has Modern Technology Revealed About the Family of Tutankhamun?


Many researchers have studied the mummies of the New Kingdom period. A man from KV55, the Younger Lady, Hatshepsut, and others have all been scrutinized. However, most of the early tests didn’t bring expected answers. For that reason, a team of researchers created a project which allowed them to find information hidden amongst the bandages and amulets of ancient Egyptian mummies.

The book ‘ Scanning the Pharaohs : CT Imaging of the New Kingdom Royal Mummies’ opened the gate to new knowledge about the most famous New Kingdom family –King Tutankhamun’s relatives. It was written by Zahi Hawass and Sahar N. Saleem, who worked with the team of researchers on the impressive project.

An End to Speculations

Zahi Hawass is a world-famous researcher and former leader of the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities. Although many of his theories and speeches are very controversial for Egyptologists, his impact on the scientific community continues to be strong.

The project to scan the mummies of the great pharaohs of Egypt and their families was made possible with the knowledge of Professor Sahar N. Saleem, who is a radiologist at Cairo University. Her specialization is advanced imaging technology.

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