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Secret Ancient Base On Antarctica ! Giant Bunker Revealed On Google Earth


A new chapter in our history books has been written today, a chapter containing pictures of a giant bunker and lots of other unexplained objects 565 kilometers from the coast on Antarctica.
Founder of 4bidden knowledge and Annunaki History Billy Carson, is invited by Thomas Mikey to take part in the revealing of these ancient constructions.
Can these constructions be from the era of the Annunaki ?
According to billy, Antarctica was once a part of a huge continent that drifted apart doing a polarshift possibly 12,500 years ago.
Research on animals found in the ice on Antarctica reveals that they were eating grass and other organic growth which indicates that Antarctica once was a land with trees forest lots of organic growth, an environment were animals and lifeforms as we know it, would be able to live like we do today.

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