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Secret Mormon Temple Handshakes (w/ hidden camera)


This video shows the interaction at the veil that takes place at the end of every Mormon Temple endowment ceremony. The handshakes are Masonic in origin (Joseph Smith was a Freemason.)

The name of the first and second handshakes change depending on the day you are going through and the name of the dead person you are going through for.

If you were going through the very first time (for yourself) you would use your own “new name” that was given to you that day (mine was Noah) for the name of the first secret handshake and the name of the second handshake would be your own first name given to you at birth.

The third handshake is always called “The Son” and the fourth handshake is always the same as well. It is:

“Health in the navel, marrow in the bones, strength in the loins and in the sinews. Power in the priesthood be upon me and upon my posterity, through all generations of time and throughout all eternity.”

The word is out, MORmONISM is the secret handshake religion. Unbelievable as it might seem, UNBELIEVABLE as it should be, LDS INC really is a Modern day religion /SCAM based on the total insanilty of stupid secret handshakes peddled as the way to get into heaven. Mormons used blood oaths & death threats in their temples for many years to keep secret the secret handshaking & other BIZARRE aspects of their insane MORmON religion. MORmONS are so stupid! God put 56 billion genetic codes into every cell in the human body, but then according to MORmONS, their MORmON god fell back on Hoaky Secret Handshakes to protect his heavenly kingdom or MORmON kingDUMB in MORmONISM’S case. IF anyone is stupid enough to pay 10 % of their income for a belief system based on secret handshakes then they really are a MORmON ! MORmONS are angry over the Big Love exposure of the creepy LDS Temple ceremony.

I hope the LYING THIEIVING DISGUSTING POS assholes at LDS INC headquarters are *enjoying* the outing of their pathetic scam’s ploy in this video. I know I am ! All of them should be in prison for fraud & mass molestation that went on in the LDS temple known as “washing & annointing”.

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