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Every time I travel, I find myself more enamoured with the world, and yet I have a longing for home. Not necessarily the things in my home, but the way my home makes me feel. I know attachment is thought of as a form of materialism, but homes can serve as sacred spaces that exude positive, comforting, loving, and familiar energy.

The things in my home tell a story. The nooks and crannies my cat sleeps and plays in are heartwarming to me. The meals I’ve made in my kitchen bring me a sense of wholeness. The memories made sitting around the dining room table with friends are endless, as is the sand I’ve trekked into the house from the beach. Home, the home I have at this very moment, much like all the homes I’ve had in the past, is a huge part of me.

Minimalists and world travelers alike will tell you that home is where the heart is; that the less you have the more you experience and feel. But what if you want both? What if you could take your home anywhere in the world? What a dream…

Except with Coodo, it’s a reality. The eco-friendly mobile home created in Germany was designed to be able to pop up almost anywhere in the world. Want to live it up in the big city? Pop up Condo on the roof. Looking to escape to paradise? You can bring your home to the beach, too.

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