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Siberia Crater: 2013 Crater Has Grown To 15 Times Its Original Size, Strange Glow And Explosion Reported At Site


siberian-craterA massive crater in Siberia, Russia, made international headlines when it mysteriously appeared in the remote area in 2013. In the three years since its mysterious appearance, the Siberia crater has gotten 15 times larger than its original size. Between 2013 and today, scientists and researchers have been at a complete and utter loss to explain the origin of the Siberia crater. Now dubbed the Taimyr crater, the Siberia crater is located roughly 300 miles from an area where other, similar mysterious craters have formed more recently.

As Ancient-Code reports, the area where the Siberia crater was found has been renamed the “End of the World” by locals.

While scientists have been unable to explain what caused the Siberia crater to mysteriously appear, new information is being made public about the appearance of the inexplicable crater. According to numerous reports, the Siberia crater was formed roughly three years ago in a massive blowout. It’s only recently that data was released confirming the growth of the Siberia crater.

In the last three years, numerous scientists have come up with a variety of theories as to the origin of the Siberia crater, but none have managed to fully explain the appearance of the 300-foot gaping hole in the Siberian tundra. Explanations have ranged from the wholly scientific (methane explosion), to nefarious government dealings such as the creation of secret underground bases, to the totally supernatural, like alien invaders or subterranean reptilian creatures.

This week, the subject of the mysterious Siberia crater got even weirder when a Russian expert revealed new details about the night that the giant, growing crater was formed.
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