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The Special Group killed Kennedy


T hose of you who have always been perplexed, regarding the operational apparatus of the Kennedy assassination, the mystery has been resolved. The Special Group is directly responsible for the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and he was killed because he opposed the military prosecution of the Vietnam War.

The Special Group or the “5412 Committee” was a vehicle of covert action. It was initially conceived in 1955, to satisfy the demand to coordinate the working relationship between the CIA, the White House, the State Department and the National Security Council. The National Security Council met the need with NSC 5412/1 and NSC 5412/2 and the secret groups that developed were like a secret government within a government. Technically, the Special Group derived its authority from the President of the United States, but when matters of principle collided, the Special Group assumed the task of organizing like-minded “patriot” and ostracizing “dissidents”.

The political assassination of foreign enemies through covert operations was the initial task that preoccupied the Special Group and in “January and March 1960, formal, highly secret discussion took place in a subcommittee of the 5412 Committee, [the Special Group] about assassination planning. Fidel Castro was the target then.”<a=”#1″>1</a=”#1”> The Special Group was an extremely reactive covert assassinations vehicle because it was interdepartmental and its membership was fluid because it could recruit anyone within the entire government. The Special Group [Augmented], set up after the Bay of Pigs, was charged with a single responsibility -to supervise the bizarre Operation Mongoose efforts to murder Castro. Some vigorously argue that the Kennedys were behind the plots while others vigorously dispute their involvement because the evidence indicates that disillusionment caused them to eventually “cut off” plots to get Castro. At any rate, the so-called “Augmented” add on, which allegedly refers to the membership of Robert Kennedy, is rather suspect because the young Attorney General was not considered to be a foreign policy expert and he was viewed to be more of an impediment, and less of a Special Group asset, especially since the Cuban Missile Crisis had taught the Kennedys that cooperation was more important than confrontaion with foreign enemies.

Robert Kennedy was probably not actively involved in Operation Mongoose because the operation reflected the dangerously bizarre and the incredibly ridiculous assassination plots that the Special Groupentertained. Rogue CIA operatives like Bill Harvey, reputedly a gun-toting drunkard who played a leading role in cloak-and-dagger, anti-Castro operations, reflect the loose canon mentality that the Special Grouppromoted. As a matter of fact, Harvey had evidently established a closer working relationship with Mafia allies like Johnny Roselli than he had with his own boss, John McCone, the Director of the CIA.

In 1961, Harvey was the CIA agent who conceived the so-called “Executive Action” contingency program, which advocated the assassination of foreign enemies. The Special Group was evidently intrigued and a host of bizarre assassination plots were planned and executed without success. Beyond the use of armed force, the anti-Castro Mongoose team advocated a biological and chemical attack on Cuban sugar crops and attempted to convince Cubans that the Second Coming was imminent and that Christ would return when the Cubans got rid of Castro, the so-called anti-Christ.

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