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Strip Searches, Brutality, and Violent Arrests, Proves Which Side the Government Has Taken on DAPL


International attention has been turned to the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) and the attempts at peaceful protest, by primarily Native American people groups, have been met with aggressive and abusive police sate tactics. Despite international calls to allow the protesters to peacefully resist DAPL’s construction, by groups like Amnesty International, abuses by the police continue.

An alderman (city council member) from Madison, WI, Rebecca Kemble, went to the front lines of the protest, to personally deliver a resolution of solidarity from her county to Standing Rock Tribal Chairman, David Archambault II (a leader of the protest). Madison’s resolution, “describes the value of sacred sites, government-to-government relations with Tribes, and the vital importance of protecting the water, and calls for more public education and for the US Army Corps of Engineers to halt all permitting processes until robust, free and informed consultation with the Standing Rock Sioux tribe has been conducted.” Kemble was also bringing a load of supplies to the protesters and was preparing to deliver both on Sunday the 9th of October while serving as a legal observer, a role in which she’d already received training.

She put on a hat with the words, “National Lawyers Guild Legal Observer,” grabbed her camera, and went out to observe. “I heard the MC of the ceremony let people know that the police were arriving and that if they were not prepared to be arrested they should return to the road and the public right of way,” Kemble wrote admitting she was standing on the outside fringe of the protesters who’d already gathered to voice their opposition to the pipeline’s creation.

She described the police’ arrival as a military formation march and said one of the first arrests made was that of the Native American “police liaison” who was supposedly working with the police commander in charge to coordinate peaceful protests.

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