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SuperHuman Abilities You Can Learn


There are basically 3 practical fields that you may find useful when trying to acquire superhuman abilities/skills without the need of any “talent”. These are Mesmerism , Mentalism and Qiqong.

1) Mesmerism – This is an old technique originated in Europe that allows you to put any human or animal in an instant trance with a single touch or stare. Despite many books that have been written about the subject only a few people still know the technique.

2) Qigong – which involves telekinesis, healing ect. I’m sure you’re probably familiar with qigong , the only way to truly learn this is with a Qiqong master or through a student of a master. (The Master in the video past away last year 2016 his students still carry on his legacy teaching people from all over the world.)

Other forms of qiqong involves making your skin resistant to damage and pain , which is also in many ways similar to Mesmerism.

3) Mentalism – which involves SuperHuman Abilities. The secret to doing all of those things is by clearing your mind and listening to your intuitive voice. A simple way you can practice your intuition is by playing with a deck of cards face down then you start guessing the colour of each card from 1-10 , then guessing the suit of the card until you progress to the point where you eventually name any card from a complete deck. When you mastered your intuition you can casually start practicing it with people.

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