Filipino president Duterte warns ‘son of a bitch’ Obama not to question his war on drugs that has killed 2,400 in just three months


The Philippines’ hardline president – dubbed ‘The Punisher’ – has warned Barack Obama not to ask about extrajudicial killings, or ‘son of a bitch I will swear at you’ when they meet in Laos during […]

Where Are The Drone Casualty Figures the White House Promised Months Ago?


Despite months of repeated promises, the White House has yet to release its estimate of civilian casualties from the administration’s drone program – a delayed disclosure the New York Times Editorial Board described as “too […]

Winship: Panama Papers Offer More Evidence That Free Trade Isn’t Really Free


You might wonder what the connection is between a friendly game of golf last summer in Martha’s Vineyard and the Panama Papers. Read on. As anyone who hasn’t been in a cave – or otherwise […]