Hillary Clinton Claims Wikileaks is now ‘a fully owned subsidiary of Russian intelligence’


Donald Trump’s Twitter account represents a “clear and present danger” to world security, Hillary Clinton has argued. In an interview on Australian television aired on Monday night Clinton said the Trump’s presidency “certainly is” a risk not […]

New York Magazine Attacks The Nation For Questioning Russian Hacking Narrative


A few days ago, New York Magazine published an article attacking Patrick Lawrence‘s coverage of new information from an anonymous analyst known as the Forensicator. Patrick Lawrence is a foreign correspondent at The Nation, the oldest continuously published weekly magazine […]

US Intel Vets Demand Obama Show Proof of Russian Hacking or Admit It Doesn’t Exist


(ANTIMEDIA) A group of intelligence, military, and diplomatic veterans known as Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, or VIPS, have signed a letter calling on President Barack Obama to release evidence regarding alleged Russian interference in the […]

Ex-CIA Officer: No Evidence of Russian Government Involvement in US Election


Philip Giraldi, former CIA officer and current executive director of the Council for the National Interest, has dissected public statements regarding the claims that Russia hacked the Democratic Party on behalf of Trump, and has […]