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Teenager’s legs covered in blood after being ‘eaten’ by mystery sea creatures


WARNING: Graphic images

A teenager has been left unable to walk after being “eaten” by unknown sea creatures in the water at a Melbourne beach on Saturday night.

Sam Kanizay, 16, was soaking his legs at Dendy Street Beach to cool down after football on Saturday night when he felt his legs tingling.

But after coming out of the water his legs were covered in tiny sores and bleeding out.

Mr Kanizay said the injuries were a “freak incident” and has since received a biopsy and a number of stitches as medical experts try to piece together what happened.

“I didn’t feel anything untoward when I was in the water,” he told the Herald Sun. “It was cold, so I expected my legs to go numb.

“I would have been in there for maybe 30 minutes and didn’t notice anything until I looked down to put my thongs on.”

That is when, Mr Kanizay said, the bleeding wouldn’t stop.

“Blood covered both of my feet and I was leaving little pools (of blood) everywhere. I thought I had maybe stood on a rock, but the amount of blood quickly told me that wasn’t it,” he said.

After the incident, Mr Kanizay walked home before he was swiftly rushed to hospital.

“He actually waited out the front and called out for help because he didn’t want to bleed inside the house,” mother Jane Kanizay said.

“We tried washing the blood off, but quickly realised we couldn’t stem the bleeding so we took him to Sandringham Hospital.”

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