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Teeth destroyed by phosphoric acid in sodas – shocking microscopic video


phosphoric-acidThis shocking video showing phosphoric acid literally eating away tooth enamel under the microscope.

It was filmed by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, director of the Natural News Forensic Food Lab (, and editor of

The shocking truth is that drinking soda can destroy your teeth just as much as using meth. (Source: Academy of General Dentistry)

Nearly half of all Americans drink at least one soda a day. Latinos tend to drink even more, and they also suffer from epidemic rates of diabetes and kidney stones, both of which have been scientifically linked to soda consumption.

This video will be viciously attacked by trolls working for the soda industry. It will also be attacked by status quo scientists who are horrified that a consumer health advocate like the Health Ranger is now conducting breakthrough scientific investigations that expose the destructive nature of corporate factory foods and beverages.

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