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Terracotta Army Depicts Lost Civilization?


The terracotta army.

Undoubtedly one of the most remarkable archaeological discoveries of modern times. It is a stone army, that so far, consists of over 8000 individually detailed warriors, 700 uniquely carved horses, along with 130 chariots. What makes this feat, and indeed the ancient site so astonishing, apart from the clear incredible precision, delicacy, and artistic prowess of their creators, is the incredibly advanced technologies, found to litter the army, and the possible tomb.

A supposed tomb with what we suspect is a mystery inhabitant, which, according to academia, this army was created to guard and carry over with, into the afterlife. It is claimed that it is the burial of the first ever emperor of China, known as Qin Shi Huang.

And although academia has concluded that these ancient soldiers, were created during this well studied, more modern emperors reign, we feel, due to the numerous mysterious factors attached to these miraculous artworks, in which we are about to convey, strongly suggests that not only was this accomplishment, far out of the reach of these well studied, recent ancestors, but are indicative of lost civilization, which we have on our channel been searching so long to unearth and lay eyes upon.

Firstly, the warriors themselves were all created to represent an individual, painted with incredibly precise life-like colors, which included a pigment known as “Han Purple,” a pigment so advanced, chemists were unable to replicate it until 1992. After it was successfully recreated it was discovered that it eliminates an entire visual dimension, making waves in 2 dimensions.

Whats more, most intriguing, is the fact that although academia claims each soldier, was a precise recreation an individual subject, each warrior is around 2 meters tall, a height factor we have long postulated was a common reality, far back within antiquity.

The metallurgy is another smoking gun, swords unearthed in the pits, were, regardless of their tremendous age, were still sharp, showing no signs of rust and still appearing new and shiny. All masterfully crafted, and according to test of their surfaces, underwent an oxidation treatment with chromic salts. However, based on historical literature, another advanced technology, which was not invented by modern man until 1937.

Furthermore, supporting our posit that these warriors, are not dated from an era 2000 years ago, but used as this cultures inspiration, is the fact that regardless of the incredible discovery, no excavation of the purported tomb at the site, claimed by academia as the actual purpose for the incredible array of stone warriors, the Chinese government blocks all attempts to investigate the tomb.

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