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The Devil’s Tower Is A Megalithic Ancient Tree Immortalized In Stone.


I have enormous trees in my yard. The bark patterns, trunk, and the over all fingerprints in the bark of my trees are mirrored in likeness to those on the wall sides of the Devil Tower Monument! In all reality such a tree of such large scale would be a reality in the surreal times of dinosaurs in order to sustain the eating habits of those creatures as well provide the much needed oxygen for the creatures to sustain living. The depletion of such megalithic trees could be also a realistic cause to the extinction of the dinosaur. Devils tower which was named by 1800s explorers shields the true name given by the Kiowa Tribe men, “Stone Tree” & Bears Home. I was always told when growing up that if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it is a duck! I’m adding a saying for the history books. If It looks like a tree, has bark like a tree, then it is a tree! Science has dropped the ball here. People such huge mistakes by science is what causes for so many gaps and mysteries regarding the evolution of mankind and who we truly are. I have videos herein my channel which detail the preserved remains of dinosaur remains in a similar mineral rock preserved state.

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