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The fascistic character of the Obamatrade treaties should terrify everyone


The following essay was submitted to the office of the U.S. Trade Representative for a congressional committee to read; and the video above offers examples of citizens speaking to their county legislature in support of resolutions to Congress in opposition to the fast-track bill 28 fascistic Democrats in the House voted to support. Fascistic is a word that is better understood, in the case of the TPP, as uber-fascistic. Readers are encouraged to use any of the comments in the video above or essay below to ask your local government to become TPP-Free Zones.

American Law and the Trans-Pacific Partnership

The American system of government, bestowed on us by the Framers, is generally considered democratic self-government. The TPP would replace that understanding over a wide swathe of laws, regulations, procedures and rules with corporate self-governance. The TPP is both un-constitutional and fascistic in two, specific characteristics of its genesis. Additionally, the enforcement tribunals function as a legal, corporate protection rackets.

The TPP is not a “free-trade agreement.” It is a Trojan horse for international, corporate self-governance. Corporate rule is a phrase that ought to send chills down every patriotic American’s spine. The 9th of the 14 characteristics of fascism is the “protection of corporate power.” The TPP, TTIP and TiSA will impose corporate power across much of the global economy. The TPP would be a brazen, international power (to write laws) grab by the global economic elites over democratic self-government and national self-determination. The TPP would impose corporate power on all legislators in 12 nations; it is a narrow conception of uber-fascism!

The desire for increased trade from lower tariffs and floating currencies is desirable, but again, the TPP is not about just free trade. It has no proscription against currency manipulation and will therefore make the U.S. trade imbalances worse, much worse.

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