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The Grand Old Party Is Toast


elehants-and-flagsAs the minutes expire in this election cycle so does a once great political party. The GOP. The Grand Old Party. The party that gave us Lincoln and Reagan and Coolidge. A party that was once real opposition to high taxes, big government and corruption. That party is now at the brink of extinction.

And while some will blame Donald Trump for the party’s demise, this crack-up has been building for years.

911 was a flash point for America and George W. Bush was the deer-in-the headlights president who’s own facial expression when told about the attacks was a window to the man’s soul. Dumbfounded, weak and unprepared. Some even say complicit. Bush inspired patriotism out of one side of his mouth while at the same time he made tracks for Iraq and used propaganda to get the democrats and the country on his side.

W also gave us a prescription drug benefit, part D. This was something nobody was clamoring for. I think even Ted Kennedy was surprised at how easy it was to roll Bush. This wasn’t constitutional conservatism. This was reckless appeasement. Bush loved to prove to his colleagues on the other side that he was really one of them. Hence the constant references to the “religion of peace”.

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