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The Harlem Preacher Hooked on Hate


harlem-pastor-james-david-manningCould this be the end for the anti-everything eyesore of Harlem?

Reasonable people of all stripes cheered when it was revealed by DNAInfo that the city of New York was about to foreclose on the church of anti-Obama, anti-gay, anti-rationality conspiracy nut James David Manning for (what else?) unpaid water and sewage bills. 

They further roared in delight when, in a publicity move worthy of a Kardashian, the Ali Forney Center, the nation’s only 24/7 shelter and service agency for LGBT homeless youth, announced a fundraising drive to buy the church building, a historic edifice built in 1890 that once housed the original Harlem Social Club.

What better justice?  A building used by a messenger of hate and ignorance turned into a shelter for the victims of hate and ignorance.

The city will hold a hearing on April 26 (postponed from February 24) to determine whether the building is to be put up for auction. Pastor Manning, in flat contradiction to official city documents, claims that as a tax-exempt organization, his ministry doesn’t have to pay water and sewage bills. (Tell that to every charity and church in the city!)  So unless he can pony up $1.02 million in the next six weeks, every liberal’s dream may yet come to pass.

But what’s really going on here?  The answer is a stew of self-promotion, ignorance, and luck.

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