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The Islamophobia Fear Factory And The Billionaires Who Pay For It


With Islamophobia at the front and center of the news day after day, the Center for American Progress updated their 2011 report outlining who buys the Islamophobes and promotes them in order to understand how to tamp it down.

From the transcript:

So, as Amy has mentioned and as you played the introductory video, since 2001,there has been over $57 million that’s been contributed to this fearmongering, anti-Muslim, anti-Islam organizations by eight very wealthy donors. What we’re trying to do and what was part of our recommendations is, obviously we’re trying to identify not just the funders, but also the organizations, the activists, the misinformation experts and all the politicians that are intimately connected to this network. We’re trying, one, to dry up the money.

Eight large donors are responsible for the shameless and ceaseless fearmongering around Islam in the United States. They are Donors Capital and Donors Trust, the Scaife Foundations, the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, William Rosenwald Family Fund, Middle Road Foundation, & Abstraction Fund, Russell Berrie Foundation, Fairbrook Foundation, Newton D. & Rochelle F. Becker Foundation and Charitable Trust, and Alan and Hope Winters Family Foundation.

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