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“Thieving Idiot” Cop Gets No Jail In Spite of His Own Body Cam Catching Him Rob a Man


This cop’s actions were so egregious that his own sheriff called him a “thieving idiot,” however, he will not spend a single day in jail in spite of being caught on video robbing a man.

Volusia County, FL — Body cams, according to some studies, may serve to reduce corruption and violence from certain police officers. However, as a body cam video out of Florida illustrates, a camera on this cop didn’t even deter his desire to commit theft. Now, we know why he felt like he could record himself stealing—he would get away with it.

Deputy John Braman, formerly with the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, was charged last year after he was caught stealing money from a man he arrested.

According to the Daytona Beach News-Journal, the 35-year-old former deputy recently entered no contest pleas to petty theft, official misconduct and grand theft for the crimes he recorded himself committing. He will get no jail time.

What’s more, as the Chron reports, Braman was also sentenced to time served for misdemeanor charges, though computer records don’t show Braman spent any time jailed on the charges, and ordered to pay restitution to victims.

When he was arrested last year, Braman had a history of complaints filed by people he’d arrested — who all claimed he robbed them. However, not until this theft was caught on video did his department do anything about it.

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