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Top 10 UFO Hotspots Around The World!


a14Many sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) have been regularly reported by people around the globe. However, there are certain UFO hotspots in the world where UFO activity has been reported more than anywhere else in the world! Please see below U.I.Ps Top 10 Alien infested hotspots from around the world.

The Welsh Triangle in the UK

Stories of UFO sightings at the Welsh Triangle, or the Broad Haven Triangle, are by far among the most talked about in the UK. A huge number of UFO sightings around Dyfed, Wales in 1977 excited many locals. School children reportedly saw a UFO in a field while walking to their school. When they were asked to draw what they saw, the images were strikingly similar. Many people also claimed to have seen 7-foot aliens in silver spacesuit during the night….much like our other story covered on the website about the school in Zimbabwe that experienced the same kind of thing!

The area has also reported the sudden halt of TV sets, radios and cars without any reason. Poor cattle are also believed to have been teleported from one region to another. Locals say that all these activities are linked to extra-terrestrials.

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