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Topeka Police Implement New Policy: Hands Must Go Up


hands upTOPEKA (KSNT) – If you see those flashing lights in your rear view mirror, pull over and get ready to put your hands up. It’s a new policy the Topeka Police Department is looking at to keep officers safe.

It may seem like a simple request to put your hands on the steering wheel or in the air but Topeka residents aren’t too happy with the newest policy change made public on Wednesdya.

“Everyday somebody’s getting shot by a police officer, and it’s like ‘oh my goodness, will I be next?’, or will I be okay?” said one resident.

But local police say it’s their officers that need protection.

“As we all know, we’ve lost three officers in less than 2 years and as a result of that we’ve had to take a hard look at the way we’re conducting business, particularly as it relates to car stops.” said TPD School Resource Officer Matt McClimans.

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