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Trump Closely Involved In Killing FBI’s Move Out Of Washington, Emails Show


Opening up the FBI’s Pennsylvania Avenue location for redevelopment would have created competition for Trump International Hotel.

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump personally intervened to stop the FBI from moving its headquarters in Washington to the Maryland or Virginia suburbs, emails made public Thursday reveal. The decision that the bureau will not move will help the president’s bottom line by reducing competition for his flagship hotel property located in the Old Post Office building across the street from the current FBI building.

The emails between officials at the General Services Administration, which oversees government-owned properties, and the FBI show that the decision to stop the long-running plan to move FBI headquarters to the suburbs and sell the sprawling, brutalist J. Edgar Hoover Building to developers for a mixed-use development came directly from the president.

In the emails, made public by House Democrats, officials discuss “what was decided in the meeting with POTUS,” “the President’s instructions,” and “direction from WH” following a January 2018 meeting about the plan.

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