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Two huge THINGs tunnel to surface in remote China?


Here’s how to find this weird thing on Google Earth.

Honestly no idea how to title this one because the mind boggles. UFO crash? Creature from below? Massive battle of the titans? Image stitching artifact? Mapping software bug? Another pixel anomaly?

Google Earth coords: 35°10’39.74″N 79°50’27.91″E

I found it while looking for a feature someone mentioned that sits somewhere on the Kongka La ridge.

That area is supposedly a hot spot for UFO activity although WFR hasn’t done much research into it. This THING, whatever it is, is about 70 miles from Kongka La. Nothing else quite like it at all in the area.

This vid shows you how to find it easily on Google Earth.

The image is not faked and you can not miss it. Truly stumped on this one so maybe someone watching this can answer the question for us –


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