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UFO investigation launched by Irish aviation officials after pilots flying BA and Virgin Airlines jets report seeing mysterious bright lights ‘moving fast’ above the country

  • BA pilot on flight from Canada to London reported ‘very bright light’ over Ireland
  • She said the object came up on the left side before it ‘veered to the north’
  • Pilot of Virgin Airlines jet saw ‘multiple objects following same sort of trajectory’
  • Irish Aviation Authority is investigating the UFO sightings after filing a report

A UFO investigation is under way in Ireland after pilots flying BA and Virgin Airlines jets reported seeing mysterious bright lights as they crossed the country.

The Irish Aviation Authority launched the probe after sightings on November 9 at around 7.40am.

The pilot of British Airways flight BA94 from Montreal to London contacted Shannon Air Traffic Control after seeing the object on the left-hand side of her Boeing 787.

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