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Uninsured, Bigoted Anti-Obamacare Sheriff Now Begging For Money To Pay Medical Bills


richard-mackSo-called “Constitutional Sheriff” Richard Mack, a vocal opponent of Obamacare who revealed that Bundy Ranch supporters were planning to use women as human shields to win the Right’s propaganda campaign surrounding the seditionist mob’s armed standoff with law enforcement, is ironically struggling to pay medical bills that he and his wife incurred after they became seriously ill.

Mack and his wife do not have health insurance, and their son has started a GoFundMe campaign to ask family, friends, and complete strangers to pay their medical bills for them. “Because they are self-employed, they have no medical insurance and are in desperate need of our assistance, “Mack’s personal website explains.

Dawn Mack was hospitalized in November with “serious medical issues,” the post explains. In January 2015, Sheriff Mack suffered a heart attack that, according to the GoFundMe has left him with “ongoing” issues.

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