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Vatican Holds Major Information To Confirm Existence Of Extraterrestrial Life, Are They Ready To Reveal It?


Several conspiracy theorists have long said that the Vatican, home to the Pope, has more information about the existence of aliens but has chosen to keep mum about it. Now, a news website and channel dedicated to expose extraterrestrial life has claimed that numerous people close to the church know about this secret for so long.

According to Report UK,, a website and channel dedicated to exposing the so-called “truth” about aliens has claimed numerous people close to the church have hinted they have information on extraterrestrials.

Previous reports have stated that Pope Francis will reveal information to prove that aliens exist. Crazy conspiracy theorists have been speculating over the existence of alien life forms for decades, with some placing the Holy Father at the center of a secret cover up.

Many believe major world leaders, such as the Pope, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, have already come in contact with extraterrestrials but have been hiding the truth from the general public. Now truth seekers are convinced 2016 will finally be the year for the world’s most historic announcement ever — and Pope Francis will be the man to break his silence.

José Gabriel Funes, the current director of the Vatican Observatory and its chief astronomer, believes that the Holy Father’s home is keeping a major secret with regard to alien life. Mr. Funes has previously pointed out that the existence of a “multitude of creatures on Earth” means that there is a huge possibility that life exists in other places in the universe.

He also argued that there is no conflict between believing in God and the existence of aliens. According to The Daily Star, reported: “Another representative of the Vatican, the priest Guy Consolmagno suggested that aliens exist and that they are actually saviors of mankind.

“These views are downright shocking because gossips suggest that the Vatican knows more about extraterrestrial life and of creation, but understandably hid them so far. With the start of a new era, this information should be made public to prepare public opinion for when the truth will be revealed.”

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