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WATCH: Innocent Unarmed Man Begs For His Life, As Cop Shoots Him Over Stealing His OWN CAR


Body camera footage shows a police officer yelling, “Put your hands up! Or I will f—king shoot you,” as he confronts an innocent man sitting in his own car.

Dallas, TX – Disturbing body camera footage has been released from the shooting of a man who police claimed was mistaken for a thief as he sat in the vehicle he owned. The video shows that when the man was approached by an officer, he attempted to comply before he was shot twice in the back.

Lyndon Jones is lucky to be alive after his encounter with police in November 2017 left him with severe injuries that forced him to spend several days in the intensive care unit. It has taken several months, but some footage from the night Jones was shot has finally been released, and it shows that the officer who confronted him was agitated from the start.

Officer Derick Wiley, a 10-year veteran of the Mesquite Police Department, started by approaching the vehicle with his gun raised, pointed at Jones, who was sitting the driver’s seat.

Put your hands up! Or I will f—king shoot you,” Wiley yelled as soon as Jones started to slowly open the door.

Get out of the truck and get on the ground! Get on the ground,” Wiley continued, and Jones appeared to comply, although it was clear that the man was confused as to why he was being confronted and screamed at by a police officer.

Jones attempted to speak, and Wiley immediately yelled, “I don’t give a f—k… get on the ground. Put your hands on your head!”

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