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WATCH: Uber Dash Cam Catches Cop Lying to Write a Ticket, Forces Him to Fess Up to the Scam


Once a cop realized his illegal ticket scheme was captured on video, he did a 180 and began being courteous and truthful.

Los Angeles, CA — An Uber driver in Los Angeles got a taste of revenue collection at its finest—or worse, depending on how you look at it—when he was illegally targetted by a police officer to be issued a ticket. Luckily for this driver, however, he was recording with his dash camera and it caught the officer in a bold faced lie.

The video is from an Uber driver named Derrick who was picking up a fare at LAX when he was pegged by an airport police officer as an easy mark.

The video starts as Derrick is driving up to the airport. When he gets to the proper pickup location—like everyone who picks up someone at the airport—he pulled in, put his car in park, and looked for the person he was picking up.

At 1:07 in the video, Derrick’s car comes to a complete stop. Just 48 seconds go by before the officer makes the move to extort Derrick. He had not even been stopped for one minute, yet this officer was going to write a ticket.

How can the officer justify writing a ticket to someone who just pulled into the spot, you ask? He’ll have to lie, naturally.

As the officer approaches Derrick’s window to begin the extortion process, he makes the false assertion that Derrick has been parked in this spot for “eight or nine minutes.”

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