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We Found You That Double Supersecret Video Of John Kasich Being An Asshat


Yesterday we brought you the odd story of the Disappearing John Kasich Video, in which we learned that the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s corporate overlords, Northeast Ohio Media Group, (call ’em “NEOMG,” because “Ni! OMG!” is fun to say) had removed a video of its editorial board meeting with Ohio gubernatorial candidates for an endorsement interview.

According to Ohio political blog Plunderbund, Kasich was quite the pissy little douchecanoe at the meeting, refusing to acknowledge the existence of Democratic candidate Ed FitzGerald. Kasich slumped in his seat like a bored student and repeatedly talked around questions instead of answering them. And yet the Plain Dealer endorsed Kasich anyway, because he reminds them of Reagan or something.

After NEOMG pulled its video of the full meeting from the Plain Dealer website (leaving an audio-only version up), Plunderbund posted to YouTube a clip that it had captured from the longer video, showing Kasich pointedly ignoring Democratic candidate FitzGerald and refusing to answer a question about why he’d signed a bill preventing rape crisis counselors from telling rape victims that abortion might be one of their options. NEOMG immediately sent a very scary lawyerly takedown letter to Plunderbund, threatening all kinds of legal hell for infringing copyright of an intellectual property that it had chosen to hide itself. And we wondered just why it was so important to NEOMG to keep people from seeing video of its preferred candidate acting like a pissant.

Well, this being the internet, and digital files being endlessly reproducible, some smartass sent us a link to another copy of that clip. But you still can’t watch it because that’s already been taken down for “copyright infringement” as well. But would you believe that there are still other copies out there? We don’t expect that this one will stay up long, either, so we’ve transcribed much of it, just in case:

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