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When Will The Media Quit Giving Hypocrite Mitt Romney A Pass For His Vulture Capitalist Days?


Mitt RomneyAs anyone who already reads this blog is well aware of, former failed Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has been out there making the rounds these days, basically calling for a brokered convention and sounding the alarm over the possibility of Donald Trump winning his party’s nomination this year.

Romney made an appearance on this Sunday’s Meet the Press, and host Chuck Todd did press him on his hypocrisy when it comes to him formerly seeking Trump’s endorsement, but anyone else notice the big elephant in the room that Chuck Todd (along with every other host in the corporate media that’s had him on, for that matter) failed to mention?

When is someone going to ask Romney how anyone should take an ounce of his criticism about Trump and his disregard for working Americans seriously given his record as a vulture capitalist at Bain Capital and the countless jobs, lives and pensions he destroyed and the jobs he shipped overseas?

My guess is never. We all know they’re all more worried about access and these clowns coming back on their shows than ever asking them any questions that might make them uncomfortable. So the guy who made his fortune buying up companies, loading them up with debt, stealing all of their wealth for himself and his investors, and then selling them off while devastating the workers gets to pretend he’s some man of the people who has grave concerns about Trump ripping people off with is failed “Trump University.” It’s enough to turn your stomach.

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