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Why aren’t cats loyal?


It must be tough, being a cat and not a dog. Thousands of years before there was any such animal as a domestic cat, dogs had already run off with all the prizes for faithfulness, loyalty, and just being “man’s best friend”. Or rather, they would have run a short way and then turned right around and headed back again, because dogs’ place is, of course, by his master’s (or mistress’s) side. Ever since the first cat tiptoed out of the wild and into a mouse-infested Neolithic village, cats have been struggling to catch up.

Cats’ somewhat inexpressive faces don’t do them any favours. Whether he’s growling or “grinning” (actually a sign – inevitably – that he wants you to like him), it’s not difficult to get a rough idea of what a dog is thinking just from looking at his face, let alone all the other clues that come from his body language. Not so cats, who will casually sit down in front of you and then stare at you impassively for a while before walking off, apparently impervious to your presence, let alone your feelings.

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